Global Connect

Global Learning Program (Nepal) - 2023-24

A virtual exchange program was conducted between Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan and Kalorex Future School, Bharuch on 31st July & 1st August 2023. Grade 7 & 8 student participated enthusiasticaly. The Program Coordinators were Ms. Naina & Ms. Jancy. The topic for the exchange program was based on Mathematics. Students prepared a ppt on Data Handling under Utility Bills and Body Mass Index. Both schools had a splendid performance over sharing their respective content showcasing their confidence level.

Global Learning Program (Queensland state Australia) - 2022-23

Global Learning Project offers a way for the students to see the world from many different perspectives, work with other students from all over the globe and tackle some of the most important challenges facing our planet today. In doing so, learners gain valuable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, creative thinking and communication. Learners from Marsden State High School , Australia had an Interaction with Narmada Kalorex Future, Bharuch, India on Culture and History of both the nations. Ms Sony Garg was the Program Coordinator. Students from Grade 8 & 9 participated. The exchange program was from 24th August 2022 to 23rd November 2022.This was a rich experience and everlasting memory for both the schools.

Global Learning Program 2021-22

The Global Learning Program was conducted from 9th September 2021 to 11th November 2021 between The IPSWICH State High School, Australia & Kalorex Future School, Bharuch, India. Program was based on ‘ Hybrid learning and future of STEM education’ The Topic -‘Love the Aliens’ was selected as the topic will throw light on the possibilities of life outside our planet and will show how beneficial is STEM in solving that mystery to some extent. 7 students from Grade 7 to 9 participated. Program Coordinator was Ms. Sony Garg.

Global Learning Program (Ecuador Exchange Program- "Let's Do it") - 2021-22

Ecuador Exchange program Let’s do it! Took place between the students of Ecuador and India. The presentation was shared by ISM IA and NCPS Bharuch on the topic ‘Our lives through the Pandemic (Online teaching/Staying at home)’. A recording of students depicting a zoom session with all the technical things they face during classes, it was shared by the partner school. It was fun to see them as it related to our real life things. On the other hand we shared a video showing how people spend quality time with family with a lot of new learning. Students really got a very good experience with this collaboration.

Global Learning Program (Ecuador Exchange Program- "Let's Do it") - 2020-21

Ecuador Exchange program Let’s do it! Took place between the students of Ecuador and India. Session began with the National Anthem of both the countries followed by the welcome speech. Students had a great conversation with each other through breakout rooms. It was a wonderful experience.

Global Learning Program (Australia) - 2020-21

GLP Session took place between Craigslea State High School, Australia and Kalorex Future School, Bharuch, India from 27th October 2020 to 8th December 2020. It was a very informative session which raised the bar of the exchange programme. Grade 7 students participated.