Admission Procedure

Class Age Criteria (2024-2025) Age
Jr. Kg. 2-6-2020 to 01-6-2021 3+
Sr. Kg. 2-6-2019 to 01-6-2020 4+
Balvatika 2-6-2018 to 01-6-2019 5+
I 2-6-2017 to 01-6-2018 6+
II 2-6-2016 to 01-6-2017 7+
III 2-6-2015 to 01-6-2016 8+
IV 2-6-2014 to 01-6-2015 9+
V 2-6-2013 to 01-6-2014 10+
VI 2-6-2012 to 01-6-2013 11+
VII 2-6-2011 to 01-6-2012 12+
VIII 2-6-2010 to 01-6-2011 13+
IX 2-6-2009 to 01-6-2010 14+
X 2-6-2008 to 01-6-2009 15+

Fee Structure

Pre Primary to Class X
Provisional Fees Structure for 2024-25
Class Payment Frequency Payable mode Annual Provisional
Tuition Fee Amount 2024-25
Provisional Admission
Fees 2024-25
Pre Primary Quarterly Online/E-NACH Rs. 39,942/- Rs. 3,330/-
Class I to V Quarterly Online/E-NACH Rs. 49,951/- Rs. 4,160/-
Class VI to VIII Quarterly Online/E-NACH Rs. 54,915/- Rs. 4,580/-
Class IX to X Quarterly Online/E-NACH Rs. 60,404/- Rs. 5,030/-
  • Term Fee for 2024-25, as applicable, will be charged on approval by the Fee Regulatory Committee.
  • Fee will be regulated as directed by Fee Regulatory Committee in terms of Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat Judgement in the case of SCA No. 2356 of 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

The school’s academic year begins from first week of April.

Our school provides education from Pre-Primary (Nursery, LKG, UKG) to Grade 10/12.

The admission process includes an online admission inquiry process or a visit to the school for admission inquiry. Please refer to our admission brochure or website for specific details.

We follow the CBSE curriculum, which provides a balanced and comprehensive education covering academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities.

Yes, our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing quality education and guidance to students.

We believe in holistic development, hence co-curricular activities like sports, arts, music, and dance are an integral part of our curriculum, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Assessments are conducted periodically, with regular Modular Exams, midterm exams, and final exams. Continuous evaluation and feedback help track students' progress. The assessment calendar is shared in advance in our students' almanac.

The school arranges for transport facilities with well-maintained buses and trained drivers, ensuring the safety and convenience of our students.

Our school provides all CBSE – NEP-compliant facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, laboratories, sports facilities, technology integration, and more.

Yes, we place a strong emphasis on values, ethics, and character development to nurture well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. We have specific classes built into the timetable for Value Education.

Starting from the middle school years, we provide focused guidance, practice papers, mock exams, and counselling sessions to ensure students are well-prepared for CBSE board examinations.

We have CCTV cameras for the safety of students. We also train our staff regularly on administering First-aid and have regular safety drills for disaster management and mitigation. The school is also equipped with fire extinguishers and doctors on call.

We offer comprehensive career counselling and guidance services to help students make informed choices about higher education and career paths.

Parents can communicate with the school through regular meetings, emails, phone calls, and the school's online portal.

We keep parents and students informed through regular newsletters, the school website, social media channels, and SMS alerts.